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Palma Music Studios offer online courses in Songwriting, Music Production and Vocal Recording, by co-owner/-founder Fredrik Thomander. 

Before opening Palma Music Studios, I used to do seminars quite often. I also go regularly to Stanford University, CA as a guest lecturer, to teach modern pop songwriting, which I really enjoy. Now, since the world is getting used to online meetings and classes, I thought I’d share what I’ve learned by making music for artists for almost 25 years. I think this could be interesting for most creators.

I’ve had so much fun, sharing and discussing the world of songwriting and music production with the first groups in June and July,
so I will carry on with another round of Master Classes in August.


Fredrik Thomander

Palma Music Studios

What has amazed me, time and again, is Fredrik’s effortless ability to productively coax the best out of the musicians who work with him and to inspire young songwriters. I have taken my students from Stanford University to work with him many times, and he has visited my campus in California on numerous occasions. These have been extraordinarily fruitful enterprises. The students absolutely love Fredrik, and they love the results of their songwriting and recording sessions with him. Years later, they still talk about how vast and ongoing creative opportunities have been unlocked through his tips and methods.

Mark Applebaum

Professor, Stanford University, CA

Quotes from previous Master Class attendees:

A Great Masterclass! It took my writing to the next level. Fredrik delivers with his knowledge and inspiration!


Take the opportunity to learn from one of Sweden’s best songwriters and producers.

I give my highest recommendations. Everybody has something to learn from Fredrik. He has incredibly broad competence and experience, and the classes are always engaging. Fredrik also knows the music business inside out and understands the importance of being in tune with what’s going on. You will definitely get lots of new knowledge and that the classes are lots of fun is just a bonus.

new courses


Songwriting – Mid level

Mondays 18.00-19.00 CET, starting 4 of January 2021.

In the mid level Songwriting course we dissect different writing methods and music styles. We go through various tools you can use, to get inspiration, and to make your songwriting more effective. There is also a private chat group, where members can share music with each other, and I will feedback on the progress during the course. I have also interviewed some of my favorite songwriters, who share their thoughts with us. 


Music Production – Mid Level

Tuesdays 18.00-19.00 CET, starting 5 of January 2021.

In the mid level Music Production course we focus on building song arrangements and the choice of sounds and plugins. We also dig deep into functions in your music programs, that make producing faster and to the point. I will use LogicPro, Ableton Live and ProTools, and share my presets, production templates and sounds with the group.


Songwriting – Advanced level

Wednesdays 18.00-19.00 CET, starting 6 of January 2021.

In the advanced level Songwriting course you get to work like the professionals do. I set up co-write teams, and you collaborate on briefs and requests from real artists and record companies, that I give out for each week. There is also a private chat group, where members can share music with each other, and I will feedback on the progress during the course. I have also interviewed some of my favorite songwriters, who share their thoughts with us. 

Music Production – Advanced Level

Thursdays 18.00-19.00 CET, starting 7 of January 2021.

In the advanced level Music Production course it’s all about mixing and mastering. You get to follow the whole process of me finishing two songs in different styles for release. One pop/electronic song, that we work on in LogicPro and another live recorded song, with a rock band in ProTools.  I’ll take you through everything from preparing the session, editing and tweaking the mix, to mastering and the delivery of files. I have also interviewed some of my favourite mixing and mastering engineers, and will share both my own and their favorite tips and tricks during the courses.

Each 5-week course will cost €150 (VAT incl.) per person. Payment through PayPal. The classes will be held online via Zoom and you will get invitation links to join. You will need a computer with internet connection and a digital audio workstation for all courses. 


Previous Master Classes:

•I started both Songwriting and Music Production, Basic and Mid levels in June 2020. 

•In August the Vocal Recording class and Advanced Songwriting and Music Production was added.

•In October 2020 another round of basic level songwriting and music production courses started along with Vocal Recording.

•Metallica producer Flemming Rasmussen held a 3 day Master Class at Palma Music Studios in the fall of 2018.  He shared his recording and mixing techniques as well as numerous stories from his recordings stars like Rainbow, Tina Turner, and of course, Metallica. 



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