Master Classes

Palma Music Studios now offer online courses in songwriting and music production by co-owner/-founder Fredrik Thomander.

The first two courses will start in June 2020.

The songwriting course will be about the whole writing process, from an idea to a finished song, keeping the end result in focus. I will show the tricks we use to find inspiration, to get to the point, and how to make your music stand out.

The Music Production course is about giving a song the best presentation possible, and to learn the tools and methods that top producers use to transform demos into finished records.


Before opening Palma Music Studios, I used to do seminars quite often. I also go regularly to Stanford University, CA as a guest lecturer, to teach modern pop songwriting, which I really enjoy. Now, since the world is getting used to online meetings and classes, I thought I’d share what I’ve learned by making music for artists for almost 25 years. I think this could be interesting for most creators.

Fredrik Thomander

Palma Music Studios

What has amazed me, time and again, is Fredrik’s effortless ability to productively coax the best out of the musicians who work with him and to inspire young songwriters. I have taken my students from Stanford University to work with him many times, and he has visited my campus in California on numerous occasions. These have been extraordinarily fruitful enterprises. The students absolutely love Fredrik, and they love the results of their songwriting and recording sessions with him. Years later, they still talk about how vast and ongoing creative opportunities have been unlocked through his tips and methods.

Mark Applebaum

Professor, Stanford University, CA

Outline of the courses

Songwriting Course #1
(Basic to mid level)

Songwriting Course #1 (Basic level)
Mondays starting the 1st of June at 18.00-19.30 CET

Songwriting Course #1 (Mid Level)
Tuesdays, starting the 2nd of June at 18.00-19.30 CET

Lesson 1

  • Presentation
  • Songwriting techniques, find out what works for you
  • How do you start?
  • Make a plan!

Lesson 2

  • Who is the song for?
  • Set the mood!
  • The importance of the title
  • Tricks to nail a chorus

Lesson 3

  • Don’t forget the rhythm, make the lyrics sound good
  • Melodic math, a Swedish recipe?
  • The dynamics of a song

Lesson 4

  • Kill your darlings! (Re-write…)
  • Choosing the key of the song, finding the money notes
  • Recording the demo

Lesson 5

  • Pitch the song to artists
  • Finding an audience
  • Handling feedback

Lesson 6

  • Registering your song
  • Music Business for songwriters
  • Getting paid 


Music Production Course #1
(Basic to mid level)

Music Production Course #1 (Basic level)
Wednesdays, starting the 3d of June at 18.00-19.30 CET

Music Production Course #1 (Mid Level)
Thursdays, starting the 4th of June at 18.00-19.30 CET

Lesson 1

  • Presentation.
  • Analyzing different production philosophies.
  • Finding your style.
  • Make a plan!

Lesson 2

  • What are your tools?
  • Setting up a template.
  • Going through workflows in different programs

Lesson 3

  • The song: What does it need? Who is the artist?
  • Choose your weapons
  • Keeping it simple and clear

Lesson 4

  • Making beats, samples and finding sounds
  • Programming synths.
  • Recording instruments.
  • Arrangement and dynamics.

Lesson 5

  • Editing, tuning.
  • Rough mixes.
  • Listening, making changes.
  • Sticking to the plan.

Lesson 6

  • Final mixing and mastering
  • Delivery
  • Handling feedback
  • Getting paid


Each 6-lesson course will cost €150 (VAT incl.) per person. Payment through PayPal.

You will need a computer with internet connection and a digital audio workstation for both courses. (Garageband or similar works fine).

Please fill out the contact form apply.

Looking forward to seeing you!


Previous Master Classes:

Metallica producer Flemming Rasmussen held a 3 day Master Class at Palma Music Studios in the fall of 2018. He shared his recording and mixing techniques as well as numerous stories

from his recordings stars like Rainbow, Tina Turner, and of course, Metallica.


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