Palma Music Academy


Palma Music Academy is a new online music school,
based on real-life scenarios for professional music creators.

Take your songwriting and production skills to the next level and tailor-make your own program, supervised by Fredrik Thomander.

Not only is Fredrik highly skilled in music, he is also a great teacher. There’s a reason I joined all his previous classes.

-Sasja S

These master classes I would gladly recommend to anyone who would like to improve her/his skills in any of the above given categories! DO IT!

-Johan B

Got so much inspiration, motivation and new knowledge from these professional masterclasses!

-Ditte L

A real game-changer, everyone has a lot to learn from Fredrik. You get to be as close to a world-class producer as it ever gets

– Alf E

It’s a real privilege to be taught by someone who knows the music industry, as well as Fredrik, does.

-David W.

I truly recommend it no matter the level, professional or not, there is always something new to learn.

-Michelle B

100% recommend for anyone with a passion for music looking for a next-level learning experience.

-Ava N

Best master classes for songwriting and production out there.

-Rob N

If you’re thinking of getting involved. Just do it. You won’t regret it.
Worth every penny

– Emma R

This is the real deal. If you want to learn from true professionals you have come to the right place.

-Anders W

Palma Music Academy is a MasterClass-program led by renowned Swedish songwriter/producer Fredrik Thomander.

Fredrik has worked with international artists since the late ’90s. He also runs the state-of-the-art Palma Music Studios on Mallorca from where the Academy’s masterclasses are broadcast and recorded.

With Palma Music Academy, Fredrik created the education that he wished had existed when he started in the music business.

The program is designed to prepare students for the real-life scenarios professional music creators encounter. You can choose from 12 exciting courses to create your own program. Each course is four weeks long. In addition to weekly live-online classes, students are given access to special pre-recorded videos and documents. All sessions are held in English.

Fredrik leads all classes, but also invites expert guests to share their professional insights on a wide range of course topics.


The online classes will be held via Zoom once per week at 18.00-19.00 CET. Class sessions are exciting and packed with important tips, tricks, and strategies. But they are also casual and comfortable environments in which students can ask questions and meet potential collaborators. Each course is limited to 20 participants.

After a successful completion of the courses, you will have the tools needed to take your ideas and turn them into fully produced masters, ready for release.

At the end of the program, there is an optional music camp at Palma Music Studios, where the participants get the chance to complete the music they have been working on or create something new with others, supervised by Fredrik and his team.

The Courses:

Vocal Recording

For you who record your own vocals but want a better result. Here we go through everything from equipment to editing and mixing. I also share my presets and templates and teach you how to best share your recordings with other producers. This course is perfect for artists and singers who want to avoid being dependent on others.

Tuesdays 18.00-19.00 CET
Starting Tuesday, January 25



Music Production Advanced A Live Band Recording

This course is for you who want to learn to record and work in a large studio. You will follow a session with a live band that we record through our SSL mixer in Palma Music Studios and we go through how to mic a drum kit and amplifiers and how to work with analog compressors and EQs to create the best possible recording. 

Wednesdays 18.00-19.00 CET
Starting Wednesday, January 26



Songwriting – Advanced level

For you who want to work like the pros, and write songs in teams together with other participants. I have fresh leads from international record companies, which you can take part in.  Every week you will write a new song and I will coach during the process.

Thursdays 18.00-19.00 CET
Starting Thursday, January 27


Songwriting – Basic level

For you who want to get started with writing songs, or get better at completing your ideas.  Here you’ll learn the basics of songwriting and after this course you can finish your own song. 



Music Production – Basic level

For you who want to produce music, but don’t have much experience. 
You will learn the basics on how to record and program in a music software, 
and after the course you’ll be able to create your own demo.
(Start Tuesday, September 1st)





Songwriting – Mid level

For you who write songs regularly, but want to take it to the next level. We go through different tricks to make your songs better in different styles of music. After this course, you’ll have a larger toolbox to write music with. 





Music Production – Mid Level

For you who want to go more in-depth in music production, and develop your skills in arranging, programming, and mixing. We work in Logic, ProTools, and Ableton Live and I share my presets, workflows, and templates. Here you will learn how to turn a demo into a finished production. 



Mixing & Mastering

Just as it sounds, here we will focus on mixing and mastering and you will learn how to turn a production into a finished master, ready for release. I will also invite experts who share their experiences. 




Music Production Advanced B – Electronic Music Production

Here is the course for you who want to continue working in the computer with software instruments, synths, and drum machines. We go into more advanced programming and editing and dig deep into different programs and functions. 




Music Business

In this course, you’ll learn what many creators wish they knew earlier. Contracts, copyright, and how money is distributed in the music industry. We’ll have guests from record companies, collection societies, publishers, and law firms. Here you’ll learn your rights as a music creator, and how you could make a living from music.



Music Theory

Here we focus on the things that you really use in your job as a songwriter and music producer. Rhythm values when programming drums or effects, harmonies when creating arrangements, keys when tuning vocals, and much more. This course is a great complement to both Songwriting and Music Production. 





This course focuses on your creativity and mindset. How to stay motivated, find the right direction and avoid writers-block.
We talk about how music and productions have evolved and I interview inspiring creators and entrepreneurs, who’ll share their stories.
This course will give you the fuel to go the extra miles needed.




* There are also private chat groups for each course, where members can share music and productions, and Fredrik will give feedback on the progress during the course.

Palma Music Camp

When you have finished the course, there is an optional Music Camp at Palma Music Studios, Mallorca, where you can finish what you worked on during the classes or create something new together with the other participants, under guidance by Fredrik and his team.
(Prel dates TBA)


Per class, when taking 1-4 classes: €150
Per class, when taking 5-8 classes: €125
Per class, when taking 9-12 classes: €115
Price for all 12 classes including the camp €1800. 
*Travel expenses and food/accommodation is not included in the price

Before opening Palma Music Studios, I used to do seminars quite often. I also go regularly to Stanford University, CA as a guest lecturer, to teach modern pop songwriting, which I really enjoy. Now, since the world is getting used to online meetings and classes, I thought I’d share what I’ve learned by making music for artists for almost 25 years. I think this could be interesting for most creators.

I’ve had so much fun, sharing and discussing the world of songwriting, music production and vocal recording with the first groups in 2020, so I will carry on with the classes in 2021 as well.


Fredrik Thomander

Palma Music Studios

What has amazed me, time and again, is Fredrik’s effortless ability to productively coax the best out of the musicians who work with him and to inspire young songwriters. I have taken my students from Stanford University to work with him many times, and he has visited my campus in California on numerous occasions. These have been extraordinarily fruitful enterprises. The students absolutely love Fredrik, and they love the results of their songwriting and recording sessions with him. Years later, they still talk about how vast and ongoing creative opportunities have been unlocked through his tips and methods.

Mark Applebaum

Professor, Stanford University, CA

Quotes from previous Master Class attendees:

Glad to see you are doing this again. I learned so much from these classes and work so much faster now but with less stress and self-doubt than before. I have been to a few masterclasses before, these are by far the best ones.
Carl Carlsson

Highly recommended! Best master classes for songwriting and production out there. I learned a lot. And I will be very happy to be part of the gang again!

Best Academy Masterclasses ever at Palma Music Studios! Thank you so much! I did advanced songwriting and beginner production and both were very educational and super inspiring. Fredrik who is an amazing educator has incredible experience and insight who is also great
at explaining everything in a very simple way. I’m definitely jumping on more courses. So keep them coming. I truly recommend it no matter the level, professional or not, there is always something new to learn.

I took a songwriting course and, even though I’ve been writing songs for years, it was a revelation. It’s a real privilege to be taught by someone who knows the music industry as well as Fredrik does and can give you the lowdown on what commercial songwriting is really all about. He’s also a warm, relaxed, and friendly teacher. Highly recommended!

Awesome classes! Really recommend Fredrik’s masterclasses to anyone involved in music creation, at any level.

Don’t miss this out! Joining the Songwriting Masterclasses was a game-changer in my routine. Many concepts that I thought I understood fell into place and new professional opportunities increased significantly since then.

Take the opportunity to learn from one of Sweden’s best songwriters and producers.

Finishing songs as we speak using a ton of techniques & tips I learned from Fredrik’s classes. Took my music writing & production to new heights and I’m convinced it will do the same for you. Not only is Fredrik highly skilled
in music, but he is also a great teacher. There’s a reason I joined all his previous classes.

Highly recommend Palma Music Studios masterclasses! Fredrik is super professional and educational, inspiring, and open-minded. I have brought with me many new tools for songwriting music production.
Tony Duberg

I’d highly recommend Fredrik’s courses. Since completing them I’ve managed to get ahead of the game in my recording abilities and production techniques. Plus I met some great new songwriting partners through one course. I’m seriously considering doing these courses all over
again so I can meet more like-minded peeps. If you’re thinking of getting involved. Just do it. You won’t regret it. Worth every penny!
Emma Rossi

I absolutely loved my first round of beginner MasterClasses with Fredrik Thomaderthis fall! The vibe was always welcoming, interactive, and completely inspiring. The structure of each class has been crafted to
methodically build a solid foundation of technical skills and provide amazing opportunities to learn from Fredrik’s wealth of industry expertise. I’ve gained so many new essential skills and insights that will forever guide
how I approach songwriting, production, and recording vocals at home. 100% recommend for anyone with a passion for music looking for a next-level learning experience. 
Ava Niamh

Highly recommended! This summer I participated in three different classes and it was incredibly fun, educational, and rewarding. Togethervwith other participants, we received both theory and practice. A real game-changer, everyone has a lot to learn from Fredrik. You get to be as close to a world-class producer as it ever gets in these weird times!
Alf Egerbladh

I took four masterclasses from May to the end of September 2020. Songwriting mid-level, vocal recording, and music production mid and advanced level. I’d learn so so much. It felt like being in the studio with Fredrik Thomander. These master classes I would gladly
recommend to anyone who would like to improve her/his skills in any of the above-given categories! DO IT!

These masterclasses were the best in 2020 is very
skillful and creates a warm and open atmosphere in the “classroom”. I’ve learned a lot in Songwriting Advanced and Vocal Recording and look forward to attending Mix and Production Mid and Advanced in January.
Highly recommended!
Tobias Welin

A Great Masterclass! It took my writing to the next level. Fredrik delivers with his knowledge and inspiration!


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