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With almost 8-meter ceiling height, our Live Room offers a fantastic ambiance/acoustics and includes a selection of the finest microphones on the planet. With a full instrument backline, Grand Piano, and PA system it also makes the perfect venue for intimate show-cases. Gear & Tech


This is our main recording and mix facility. It has everything you would expect from a classic analog studio, combined with the latest technology and audio connections to all rooms in the building. A 48-channel Solid State Logic Duality desk as a centerpiece and ATC SCM150 speakers as main monitors. Gear & Tech


The Mercury Room is our main production studio on floor one. Built for the modern producer with an amazing Augspurger monitor system and a variety of synths and drum machines. Gear & Tech


This is our surround studio for post-production and ADR but can be used to record, mix, and produce music. The room has windows into the Live Room balcony and is right next to the rooftop terrace stairs and the kitchen/lounge. Gear & tech


One of our three project studios. This room has a window into the downstairs vocal booth and is perfect for any voice-over or dubbing session. There is a lounge right next to it, where many clients go to write lyrics, rest or have a cup of coffee.
Gear & tech

the bowie room, palma music studios


Are two of our three smaller studios on floor one. Perfect for two songwriters or a producer and a singer/artist. The rooms can be connected to the vocal booth or any other room in the house. Our clients bring their own laptops on floor one and run them with the Apollo Twin or interfaces. Our engineers will help you set up in a few minutes.
Gear & tech

We have six studios, a live room, and two vocal booths on three floors in the middle of Palma De Mallorca. Welcome in and have a look around in our 3D model. You can walk through the entire building in our virtual tour.

what we do

Palma Music Studios is designed to give you the very best in flexibility and comfort for your projects.


Palma Music Studios is built from the ground up for recording. The acoustics in our Live Room are phenomenal for drums, grand piano, and string ensembles. We also have a great collection of some of the finest microphones in the world and there are keyboards, guitars, and Neumann Microphones in all studios.

mixing / mastering

We offer mixing and mastering at Palma Music Studios. Anything from a classic analog mix on the SSL-Duality through the ATC monitors in the Quincy room to the favorite choice studio among our urban/electronic music clients, The Mercury Room, with Augspurger monitors, for that magical low end!

writing camps

Palma Music Studios is a perfect place to host songwriting camps. Our six studios, plus the live room, make seven different spaces to work out of.  There have been up to twenty-three songwriters working at the studios at once. We have also many options for accommodation. Palma Music Studios has great deals with hotels and villas nearby. Read more

ADR post-production

For ADR dubbing, voice-over, and post, the Winehouse Room is the studio to work out of. We can remote record via Source Connect and we are SAG/AFTRA approved. The studio features a Genelec surround system, Universal Audio Apollo x8p interface and we run all the necessary software needed for your convenience. Our engineers have recorded and mixed everything from major feature films, and orchestral albums to TV shows and surround live concerts in this studio. READ MORE

palma music academy

An Academy for the serious musician. Take your songwriting and production skills to the next level and tailor-make your own program. Palma Music Studios offer online courses by co-owner/-founder Fredrik Thomander.
Palma Music Academy

voice recording

Want to record vocals? Aretha room is our main studio for that, and it’s also perfect for voice-over and audio books. Our engineers speak English, Spanish, German, Swedish, Dutch and Danish.


Our writers have written a lot of of music over the years,

have a look here. 


At Palma Music Studios we have the privilege of being able to work with some of the world’s leading music industry names and brands.
Their products allow us to continue to deliver excellent services to our clients.


If there is a melody to be found, you can depend it won’t escape time spent in this incredible studio. We enjoyed purpose mixed with pleasure on this beautiful Island, with Fredrik relentless until the Holy Grail was found! The desk, equipment and excellent choice of outboard gear mixed with a superb selection of microphones guaranteed a perfect sound, and mix. The excellent design of the huge live room also made drums sound live and responsive, just stunning. Many thanks for making us both feel so at home and welcome. Rock on Palma Music Studios, we will be back! 

Kim and Ricky Wilde

Artist / Songwriter, Producer

It is a world-class recording studio with a fantastic microphone collection.
I will absolutely come back to do some recording. The main room sounds wonderful.
Flemming Rasmussen

Metallica producer

Not only is this an incredibly professional and flexible set of Studios, but they hold a truly unique atmosphere that encourages creativity. Something that’s rare and gives a very special energy to the way you work within the surroundings. Good vibes, equal easy flows and that’s the best way to boost progression.
Dan Duncan

Producer and International DJ

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