The island

Mallorca is the largest of the the Spanish Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean.
The island has around 300 sunny days per year and is blessed with a diverse landscape.
From white sandy beaches with a tropical feeling through green and fertile plains
and mountainous villages, to the elegant and historic city of Palma de Mallorca.
Our studios are close to the centre of Palma in the relaxed and quiet area of Son Espanyolet,
just a short walk from the famous restaurant area of Santa Catalina and the harbour.
The airport is only 15 minutes away by car and being one of the busiest in Europe,
it offers great and frequent direct connections from most larger European cities.
We can help arrange housing and accommodation, restaurant reservations,
excursions around the island, visits to vineyards, hiking, water sports,
and everything else this island has to offer.



“Having written and recorded artists from around the world since the late 90’s, I’ve been fortunate enough to work in many of the worlds finest studios. There I experienced how the energy of places such as Capitol records, Hit Factory, Ocean Way and Abbey Road add an extra dimension to the recordings.

Today it’s easy to make records in your bedroom and on airplanes, and that portability is fantastic. But what gets lost in online collaborations and Skype-calls is just that energy.


When I moved to Palma de Mallorca in 2014, I fell in love with this place. The Sunday Times even voted Palma “The Best Place to Live in the World”. And I couldn’t agree more. I had just sold my studio and decided to work on a laptop out of my backpack. The plan was to travel to different cities to record. But the artists I worked with all wanted to come here instead. I then realised that the one thing that could make the best place in the world even better, was if you put a world-class recording studio in it. So that’s what we did.”

Fredrik Thomander

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