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With almost 8-meter ceiling height, our Live Room offers a fantastic ambience/acoustics and includes a selection of the finest microphones on the planet. We designed it to look like we had excavated an old wall from the nearby castle-like building of Pueblo Español. The two ceiling windows give a natural light, but can be covered with remote blinders. This room is a perfect choice for any live recordings. With a full instrument back line and PA system, it also makes the Live Room a perfect place for intimate show-cases.


This is our main recording and mix facility. It has everything you would expect from a classic analog studio, combined with the latest technology and audio connections to all rooms in the building. A 48-channel Solid State Logic Duality desk as a centerpiece and ATC SCM150 speakers as main monitors.


The Mercury Room is our main production studio on floor one. Built for the modern producer with an amazing monitor system and a variety of synths and beat maker tools


This is our surround suite and features a 5.1 monitor setup for post-production and offline, but can be used as recording, mixing and producing music as well. The room has windows into the Live Room balcony and is right next to the roof top terrace stairs and the kitchen/lounge.


Is located with a window into the downstairs vocal booth, which makes it the ideal studio for any vocal recording or voice-over dubbing session. 


Are two of our three smaller studios on floor one. Perfect for two songwriters or a producer and a singer/artist. The rooms can be connected to the vocal booth or any other room in the house. There is a lounge under the stairwell, where many clients go to write lyrics, rest or have a cup of coffee.

Our clients bring their own laptops on floor one and run them with the Apollo Twin or Antelope Zen Tour interfaces. Our engineers will help you set up in a few minutes.

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