Palma Music Studios is a world-class, newly built music recording studio, run by well-established music producer and songwriter Fredrik Thomander, in the beautiful and vibrant city of Palma de Mallorca.

We believe that we have created a building that combines a profusion of natural Mediterranean materials with a perfect acoustic and technical design.

Nothing at Palma Music Studios has been taken for granted and we have spent years reviewing every aspect of the way a top international studio works, to design a unique complex that has few comparisons in the world.

2018 was an amazing first year for Palma Music Studios. We’ve had clients from all over the world coming to us on Mallorca to create and record music, and many of the songs done here have become hits on several continents. We have continued to do everything from live band recordings, songwriting camps, voice-over work, and audiobooks, concerts in the live room and Master Classes.

During the second year, we also grew our own staff of writers/producers, who all work out of Palma Music Studios.


We found the plot of land in the heart of Palma in Feb 2016. Then we spent a year drawing and planning all the details. In January 2017 they started excavating the property. We then constructed 3 stories of 6 studios plus live room and vocal booths and a rooftop terrace. The build took almost a year and we did our first recordings late November 2017. Read more about the whole process in our blog about the building of the Studios


Welcome in and have a look around our studios in this 3D model. You can walk through the whole building in this virtual tour.


Fredrik Thomander is a Swedish songwriter/producer, who has had numerous hits all over the world for the past two decades.
Artists he’s worked with include N’Sync, Arashi, Scorpions, Girls Generation, Agnetha Fältskog (ABBA), Kim Wilde and many more.
Fredrik runs the studio on a day-to-day basis and his expertise is available to the customers.

Read more about his collection of work here

Johan Lundgren was born in Sweden. He studied classical trombone from an early age and has a great passion for music.
Over the years, he has been collecting high-end analogue recording equipment, which has now become the foundation of the equipment at Palma Music Studios.
Johan has a house in Mallorca but now lives in London working as CEO for easyJet.


Fredrik Thomander

Fredrik Thomander


Calls the shots and writes/produces music.

Rene Shades

Rene Shades

Studio Manager

Chief recording/mix engineer on the ground floor. Plays guitar/bass and sings.

Lena Neogard Thomander

Lena Neogard Thomander

Client Manager

Ex. professional drummer, Feng Shui expert and runs Palma Music Choir.

Dani Paz

Dani Paz


In charge of the downstairs studios. Obsessed with big fat low-end sounds and writes Kpop songs.

MaySan Lau

MaySan Lau

Administration Manager

Keeps papers in order. Excellent chef and speaks loads of languages.


Administered by Kobalt worldwide and Soundgraphics/Music Cube for Asia. Represent the music catalogs of Fredrik Thomander, as well as all-new songs written by the team at Palma Music Studios. Listen here


At Palma Music Studios we have the privilege of being able to work with some of the world’s leading music industry names and brands.
Their products allow us to continue to deliver excellent services for our clients.
Please visit them here:

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