Discover the SSL Duality SE console at Palma Music Studios, the ultimate destination for sonic excellence. This blog post showcases the amazing features and performance of the SSL Duality SE, the heart of our Quincy Room. From Pro Tools integration to legendary preamps, EQs, dynamics, and the SSL Bus Compressor, this console delivers outstanding recordings every time. Learn how the SSL Duality SE enhances our recording process at Palma Music Studios and why it’s the best choice for your next project.

Two Halves Meet to Make Our Centrepiece

In the Quincy Room at Palma Music Studios, we are privileged to have a truly remarkable centerpiece for all our recordings. Thanks to the ingenuity and collaboration of Fredrik Thomander and Johan Lundgren, who each possessed one half of the SSL console, we were able to merge these halves into a single, cohesive unit. This configuration allowed us to create the ultimate centerpiece in the Quincy Room, empowering us to capture exceptional recordings across a wide range of projects and genres.


2 halfs of SSL
SSL Mixing

Sonic Magic of the SSL

The SSL Duality SE console is renowned for its exceptional sonic capabilities, and it excels in every aspect of audio processing. Its transparent preamps capture the essence of the source, ensuring a clean and accurate representation of the recorded material. The console’s EQs and dynamics modules are renowned for their precision and musicality, allowing us to sculpt and shape the sound with unmatched finesse. Additionally, the inclusion of the legendary SSL Bus Compressor offers the final touch of magic, enhancing the mix and adding that signature SSL glue that we all know and love. Furthermore, the seamless integration with Pro Tools and the ease of working with other hardware units make the SSL Duality SE a true powerhouse, allowing us to streamline our workflow and achieve exceptional results.

Capturing Exceptional Recordings with the SSL

In the Quincy Room, the SSL Duality SE is our go-to console for a wide range of recording scenarios. Whether it’s capturing the intimate nuances of a captivating vocal performance, harnessing the energy and synergy of a band, or faithfully reproducing the grandeur of an orchestral arrangement, the SSL Duality SE excels in every situation. Its exceptional preamps, EQs, and dynamics modules play a pivotal role in shaping the sound, helping us achieve a near-finished sound right from the recording stage. The precision and versatility of the console empower us to bring out the best in every recording, allowing the artist’s vision to come to life in a way that is true to their artistic intent.

SSL Recording

The SSL Duality SE console is more than just a technical marvel; it’s a testament to the artistry and innovation that defines Palma Music Studios. From its seamless integration with Pro Tools and compatibility with other hardware units to its transparent preamps, powerful EQs, dynamics, and the iconic SSL Bus Compressor, this console has become an indispensable tool in our Quincy Room. Its exceptional capabilities enable us to capture pristine sound and shape it to perfection, delivering recordings that exceed expectations across vocal performances, band recordings, orchestral arrangements, and beyond. With the SSL Duality SE at the heart of our studio, we embark on every recording journey with confidence, knowing that we can achieve exceptional results and create music that resonates deeply with our clients and listeners. 

Join us at Palma Music Studios as we continue our pursuit of sonic perfection, fuelled by the extraordinary power of the SSL Duality SE console.

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